May. 23rd, 2014 04:26 am
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One day as I was closing my country music store,
In came a red haired lady,
She was all cried out and sore.
She walked right in and grabbed me
Just right out of the blue,
And said "I need someone to listen,
And this someone will be you."

She said, "I know that men are stupid,
I know that you are too,
So I will try to simplify my story just for you.
I am a man-eater, I own them from the start,
But somehow this handsome fucker got his hand around my heart.

Well I know I had it coming,
I know I was a fool,
Cause he really made me trust him
And he really made me drool,
He made me feel important,
He knew just what to say,
But you can bet your ass I really made him pay."

She said "My plan was to seduce him,
But he was far ahead,
He smiled at me and suddenly
I laid down in his bed.
And so far it was perfect, but something wasn't right,
Because I thought of him the whole next day,
And dreamt of him all night.

And soon I was his baby,
My god I was naive,
Cause he was fine and he was mine,
I simply couldn't leave.
One day I came home early and found him in a chair,
But over him sat my best friend,
And guess what she did there.

Well I didn't care about her,
I let her run away,
He said 'oh please I'm sorry'
And I said 'but you will pay.'
Then he tried to escape me, but I was far ahead,
I found a knife and took his life,
Oh god how much he bled.

And then I cut him up in pieces,
My handsome charming midge,
I sorted him in big black bags, a
And put him in the fridge.
Now I am a man-eater, in more than just one way...
He tastes like pig, but that's okay,
I eat him every day.
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I saw you standing in the corner
On the edge of a buring light
I saw you standing in the corner
Come to me again in the cold cold night

In the cold cold night

You make me feel a little older
Like a full grown women might.
But when you gonna grow colder

Come to me again in the cold cold night
In the cold cold night

I hear you walkin' by my front door
I hear the creakin' of the kitchen floor
I don't care what other people say
I'm gonna love you anyway

Come to me again in the cold cold night
In the cold cold night

I can't stand it any longer
I need the fuel to make my fire bight
So don't fight it any longer

Come to me again in the cold cold night
In the cold cold night

And I know that you feel it too
When my skin turns into glue
You will know that it's warm inside
And you'll come run to me

In the cold cold night
In the cold cold night
In the cold cold night
In the cold cold night
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She doesn't know but when she's gone I sit and drink her perfume
And I'm sure she's drinking too, but why, where and what for and who?
And I'm solo rowing on one side of the boat.
Looking up, throwing up, a lifesaver down my throat
Who's jealous? Who's jealous? Who's jealous? Who's jealous of who?
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Не знаю, как у вас. А у меня новогоднее настроение начинается с музыки. И одна из самых любимых мною праздничных мелодий - это Carol of the Bells. Самая давняя из современных популярных мелодий, потому что родилась ещё в дохристианские времена. Популярной она стала благодаря украинскому композитору Николаю Леонтовичу. В 1916 году он создал эту мелодию по мотивам украинской щедривки. В октябре 1921 года Украинский национальный хор исполнило эту песню в Карнеги Холл. А в 1936 году для NBC Radio был написан английский текст песни, которая получила название Carol of the Bells. Как вы все знаете, песня стала очень популярной, символизирует сегодня западное рождество. Была использована во многих фильмах (например "Один дома" и "Гарри Поттер"). Существует очень много covers песни - от классических до диско вариантов. Более детально про мелодию можно прочитать в вики и здесь и здесь .

А сейчас - самое интересное )

Спонсор поста - [ profile] scaryreddy :))


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